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MS2308 Advanced Earth Resistance Tester

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With the latest technology in a small-sized, robust and easy-to-use instrument, this series of earthing resistance tester is mainly used to test the earthing resistance of transformer, lightning-proof system, high-voltage power tower and telecommunication equipments, etc., providing a perfect solution for earthing-resistance test.

  • Ambient temperature and humidity for test: 0~40°C, <80%RH (without condensation
  • Temperature for battery charging: 10~40 ºC , < 80% RH
  • Storage temperature and humidity: -10~50 ºC , < 90% RH (without condensation)
  • Temperature & humidity for battery-pack storage: -20~30ºC, < 80% RH (without condensation)
  • Altitude for storage: < 12000 m
  • Altitude for operation: < 2000 m
  • Clamp Diameter: φ51mm
  • Display: LCD with backlight; Max. number: 9999
  • Overflow indication: > LIMIT
  • Underflow indication: "-"
  • Frequency for updating display:
    For earthing-resistance/leak-current: once per second (once in every four seconds if AVERAGE function is used )
    Detection of output voltage: twice per second
    Interference voltage: 4 time per second
    Interference frequency: once per second
    Interference current: once per second
  • Terminals:
    1) Resistance test:
    2) USB, charger
  • Power supply
    1) LR14 alkaline battery × 6; rated voltage: 1.5 V × 6
    2) Battery pack: rechargeable nickel - metal hydride batteries; rated voltage: 7.2 V
    3) Charger: rated input voltage: 100 ~ 240 V; rated frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz; output voltage: 12 VDC 3A
  • Max. power consumption:
    15 VA (using charger)
    6 VA (using batteries or rechargeable battery pack)
  • Max. powering time: Alkaline battery: about 5 hours; battery pack: about 9 hours (with backlight turned off)
  • Max. input voltage: 250 V AC (50~400 Hz)
  • Max. rated voltage to earth: 300 Vrms (CAT III)
  • Insulation strength: 6880 VAC: 15 seconds
  • Overload protection: 250 VAC between terminals: 1 minute
  • Dimensions: About 260 (W)×125 (H)×280 (L) mm
  • Weight: About 2.5 kg
  • Applicable standards:
    1. Safety: EN61010-1:2001, EN61010-031:2002, Pollution degree 2; Measurement category III 300V;
    2. EMC: EMC: EN61000-3-2:2000 IEC61326-1: 1997 A grade
  • Testing earthing resistance, soil resistivity, interference voltage/interference/current
  • Compensating test-wire resistance
  • Data saving function: recording (100 records), deleting a single record, deleting all records, uploading data to PC
  • Clock
  • AVERAGE function for test data
  • ALARM function for input terminals
  • Charging battery
  • Auto powering-off
  • Safety rating: CE(EMC) ETL CAT III 300V RoHS


Display Digital/analog dual display; LCD with backlight 9999
Apo Auto Power Off  
Clock To display date and time  
To switch input-cursor position when changing date/time
AVG Indicator for averaged-value measurement  
RK                                                 Compensation Resistance  
Limit Limit Value  
Alarming indicator for limit-value measurement  
Battery capacity indicator  
B.Light Display Backlight  
Length Testing length between resistivity testing point  
Data Storage 100 groups Measurement Can Be Memorized  
USB  USB2.0 Interface  



Specification Range Accuracy

3 Pole & 4 Pole   Earthing-Resistance Test Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ω~300Ω
Selective mode(3 pole+    /4 pole+   ) Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ω~20KΩ
Non-auxiliary-polar mode (  ) Test Voltage: AC48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ω~150Ω
2 Pole R~ Test Voltage: AC20V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ω~300KΩ
2/4 Pole R  Test Voltage: AC20V  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ω~3KΩ
Interfering Voltage /Current /Frequency Interfering Voltage : 1~5V DC/AC  
Interfering Frequency : 16Hz~400Hz  
Interfering Current : 20mA~2A  
Soil Resistivity ρ Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Range : 0.02Ω•m~1000kΩ•m  
RK(Wire Compensation) Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Range :  0.02Ω~30Ω
Short Circuit Current   ≤250mA


  • Chip*4
  • Charger (Optional)
  • USB Cable
  • User manual
  • Test wire*4
  • Voltage clamp cable
  • Alkaline battery*6
  • Voltage Transformer φ51mm
  • Current clamp cable
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (optional)
  • Prob*4