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MS6100 Multi-Function Digital Counter

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  • Power Supply: 110/220V AC
  • Product Size: 300mm*260mm*74mm / 11.8"*10.2"*2.9"
  • Product Weight: 1850g/4.02Ib
  • Safety Rating: CAT III 300V RoHS
  • Display: 8 digit (22000 count), about 10 mm high red LED display with decimal point
  • Overrange indications: OFL indications is it
  • Power Requirement:
    AC 198~264V  50/60Hz
    AC 90~132V   50/60Hz
  • Temperature:
    Operating : 0℃~40 ℃
    Storage : -10℃~50 ℃
  • Relative Humidity: 20%~80% RH (0℃~40 ℃ )
  • Low pass filter:
    ~100kHz, -3dB
    ~150kHz, -3dB at ATTN condition
  • Data Hold
  • Self Check
  • RESET: After RESET, the instrument is auto 10Mz frequency
  • OSC. Out: 10MHz

Frequency Measurements
Channel Range Resolution Accuracy

A 10MHz               10Hz~10MHz 1, 10, 100HZ selectable ±1 count ±1+10-5x frequency(month)
±1 count ±5+10-6x frequency(minute)
100MHz        10MHz~100MHz 10, 100, 1000Hz selectable
B 1300MHz     100MHz~1300MHz 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz selectable

Period Measurements

Channel Range Resolution Accuracy

A (only)



0.000µS  selectable

+-1 count +-1+10-5 x period(month)

+-1 count +-5+10-6x period(minute)

Total Measurements

Channel Range Resolution Accuracy

A (only) 10Hz~10MHz 1 count input

Total Measurements

Channel A MAX input Voltage: 250V RMS Impedance: 1MΩ less than 35pF
Channel B MAX input Voltage: 3V RMS Impedance: 50Ω